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Hello, my name is Steven Beach, and I am the proud owner of A thru Z Plumbing LLC.

I started plumbing in 1990 with an older gentleman, who had been in the plumbing trade before I was even born.
He only did service work, and I studied under him for 6 years.
After that I went to work for a plumbing company that only performed new plumbing work. While with this company I received my Journeyman License and my Master Plumbers License.
The work we performed was all new construction such as, Homes, Apartments, Senior Housing, Schools, Ford Field, and Tigers Stadium. We also worked on the campus of University of Alabama plumbing new student housing which included 681 bathrooms.
After that we went to work at Cherry Point Military base, plumbing 176 houses in 16 months. In order to do the work at Cherry Point, I had to pass a rigorous background check to be able to work on the grounds of the base.

My Story

Ten years ago I started my own plumbing company and have completed many jobs, and pulled many permits for the work I have performed. Please contact me today at 616-558-1444 and I can answer your questions.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact me today for all plumbing services.  From leaky faucets to remodeling bathrooms and everything in between, I can help.